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Chris Gregory

North Bay Academy Manager, Primary EMT Instructor

Chris Gregory has been working in EMS since 2014, as a Fire Fighter/EMT at the ‘Lewisburg Fire Department’ in Pennsylvania. Chris moved back to his home in the Bay Area in 2018 to begin the long road to pursue a medical degree. While taking study breaks, Chris works for Westmed Ambulance as an EMT. Chris Joined Bay Area Training Academy in 2019 as a EMT Instructor and Student Information as well as a Certified BLS CPR instructor through American Heart Association. His hobbies mainly consist of Running, Scuba Diving (for which he is a certified Rescue Diver), and Theatre Lighting. Chris is currently teaching Theatre Lighting courses at a High School, a Middle School, and a Community Theatre, all on the Peninsula! Perhaps his most fun gig, however, is being a part of the Bay Area Training Academy, where he helps teach aspiring EMTs the ropes! His hope is to attend a medical school this year and eventually work in Emergency Medicine!


Chris Gregory
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