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Alumni Opportunities

We are dedicated to not only providing top-notch education but also ensuring your successful career launch in the emergency medical services industry.

Our commitment to your professional growth extends beyond the classroom. Upon graduation, all EMT students at BATA become eligible for comprehensive job placement assistance. Our experienced faculty members will work closely with you, leveraging their expertise, extensive network, and resourcefulness to prepare you for the current job market.

As an added benefit, graduates of BATA will have the exclusive opportunity to interview with Westmed Ambulance Service for potential positions as Emergency Medical Technicians. However, please note that the hiring process is subject to the company's current needs and may vary over time.

Moreover, BATA has established partnerships with numerous Bay Area-based ambulance services, including 911 systems, as well as prominent healthcare and hospital recruiting agencies. These partnerships open up a wide array of job placement opportunities, providing you with multiple pathways to kickstart your career.

At BATA, we are committed to supporting your journey towards becoming a highly sought-after EMT professional in the Bay Area. Join our community of successful graduates and take advantage of our unrivaled job placement support to make your mark in the dynamic field of emergency medical services.

Some of our esteemed partners include:

  • Cal Fire

  • California Highway Patrol

  • San Jose Fire Department

  • Oakland Fire Department

  • Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Department

  • Central Fire District of Santa Cruz

  • Falck Alameda County

  • AMR South and East Bay

  • Royal Ambulance

  • Falcon Ambulance

  • AMR South and East Bay

  • Westmed Ambulance Service

  • Royal Ambulance

  • Eagle Ambulance

  • Pro-Transport 1

  • Life West Ambulance

  • ICE Safety Solutions, Inc.

And many more esteemed organizations dedicated to the advancement of emergency medical services and healthcare.

These valued partnerships serve as gateways to diverse job placement and growth opportunities for our graduates. Through our extensive network, we connect you with esteemed industry leaders, expanding your potential for securing a fulfilling and rewarding career in emergency medical services.

At BATA, our commitment to your success transcends traditional educational boundaries. We take pride in guiding you towards an exciting and promising future, where your skills and passion as an Emergency Medical Technician will be highly valued and sought after by top employers in the Bay Area and beyond.


Disclaimer: BATA and Westmed cannot guarantee future employment as the institutions cannot account for all EMS potential hiring needs and or applicant background, state certification, local accreditation policies and or procedures which may inhibit applicant eligibility.

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