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Based in Alameda, California, the Bay Area Training Authority (BATA) boasts a strategically convenient campus, easily accessible to aspiring students across the San Francisco Bay Area. Additionally, BATA extends its reach by offering classrooms in both Santa Clara County, Solano County and Alameda County.

Our locations are as follows:

Headquarter: 1141 Harbor Bay Parkway Suite 101 Alameda, Ca 94577 (No Walk-ins, By Appointments Only)

Classroom #1: 1141 Harbor Bay Parkway Suite 101 Alameda, Ca 94577 (no walk ins)

Classroom #1: 1709 S. Main St Milpitas, Ca 95035 (no walk ins)

Classroom #3: 2250 Boynton Ave Fairfield, CA 94533 (no walk ins)


At BATA, our vision revolves around bridging the gap between theoretical academia and the real-world application of prehospital care. Our unique advantage lies in our proximity to a real ambulance company, Westmed Ambulance Service. By studying in a BATA classroom and having access to a genuine EMS industry environment, students gain an unparalleled and vastly different experience compared to other EMT schools.

To make your learning journey more convenient, free student parking is available at all our locations.

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