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We began as an Ambulance Company on a mission; through our love of teaching and our commitment to patient well-being, the Bay Area Training Academy was born.

Who we are 

Based on over two decades of best practices, BATA has a deep commitment to student learning. Unlike most schools, BATA is located inside a real, working ambulance deployment station. From here, students can witness first hand what a career in the Emergency Medical Services industry will be like. Student learning is enhanced and can transcend the confines of a traditional classroom by observing the real world application of clinical knowledge. At BATA we create a bridge from academia to real world experiences.

Why do we teach healthcare education…because of our sense of duty to educate anyone who is interested in helping someone.

Why we teach

It is not often that you see an ambulance company operate an educational institution, and we are often asked why we do it. We teach because of our sense of duty to improve the health and well-being of the community, because the more healthcare workers walking the streets, the more help that is out there. All employees of BATA share a common vision to help those in need and impart knowledge to those who seek it.

Our Instructors

BATA takes pride in employing only the very best and brightest instructors. Bata instructors are field-based clinicians who can provide helpful insights and hands on teaching experience to new students. As student mentors, our instructors take the time to breakdown complex theories and enhance student knowledge. All of our instructors are seasoned healthcare clinicians that will teach one day and work on an ambulance the next. By having this type of instructor, students will have access to the tricks of the trade gleaned form years of experience.


BATA is approved to operate by the Bureau of Private Post Secondary Education, Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Agency, Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Services Agency and the California Emergency Medical Services Authority. This means BATA is currently in compliance with the state standards as set forth in the CEC $94897(1)(1)(2) in the Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 and California Code of Regulations Division 7.5 Private Postsecondary Education. School Code : 18431309

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