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Challenge yourself to be a part of our fast-paced interactive EMT programs.  BATA’s 5, 7, 8, 10 week and weekend programs allow you to find a schedule and pace that fits your needs.  Our instructors average over 20 years in EMS, allowing an unmatched learning experience for our students. 

EMT Academy Tuition $1,800.00 

Total Amount is $2,550.00 Including Uniforms, Textbook, eBook, Course Material, etc.


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How cool is our EMT class?  

I cannot speak any more highly of this academy. They are extremely professional and hold all their candidates to a high level of excellence. The course is well thought out and the instructors were not only knowledgeable on the subject, but exceptional at conveying the information in an understandable way. I am very pleased with my experience.

I have always struggled in school settings and I was nervous that an accelerated course may be too much too fast for me but I was pleasantly surprised when I attended BATA. Each day was well organized yet unpredictable, and by unpredictable I mean I did not expect to enjoy each day as thoroughly as I did. My class and I developed great friendships with each other and grew to profoundly love and respect our instructor Steve Albright. Each day he challenged us and made it clear he believed in us. He pours his blood(literally), sweat and tears into each of his classes and I can honestly say my confidence as an emt would not be as solid if it weren’t for him and our other amazing instructors who helped with skills. Thank you BATA for the life skills and continued support through the NREMT!

Hands down the best accelerated course by far. Have been apart of a couple of other schools and hands down the best. The instructor base base and highly knowledgeable and put all materials in realistic day to day terms making it easy to learn and retain. The hands on portions were amazing and put the finishing touches on to what you learn through lecture. With that being said it is a accelerated course so attendance and 100% dedication is required. You will eat breath and sleep this material for the 7 weeks and even after. Highly recommend this academy to anyone pursuing the EMS field.

An absolutely amazing program with an amazing staff! This program takes a very hands on approach which not only made learning the material and skills easier, but made it a lot of fun too! Instructor Albright is hands down the greatest instructor of all time and will make all the difference as you go through the challenging program. The program in itself is fantastic, but Albright makes it phenomenal!!

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!
Academy students will be eligible to be interviewed by Westmed Ambulance Service in Alameda and Santa Clara County upon completion of EMT training and certification requirements.
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Learn from the experts


At BATA you will learn first hand from field practitioners and industry experts. Our instructors are real working Paramedics and EMTs who can provide years of invaluable lessons learned and best practices.

Observe and learn


Because of our location you will learn first hand what a career in EMS will hold for you. Ambulance ride alongs, Emergency Department clinical rotations and hands on skills instructions have been designed to increase student learning.

A balanced curriculum

Our method of instruction was carefully designed to create a balance between academia and real world skills application of skills. At BATA we teach you to be a patient advocate not only will you gain invaluable life saving skills but also learn a compassionate bedside manner.

Why Choose Us:
Hands on Learning:
Before we were a school we were the Bay Area's original ambulance service:
To glimpse at your future all you need to do is look around:
Our learning transcends the classroom:
After graduation what now?
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